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Fitness Challenges for Gyms

Stem the tide of membership cancellations

The only effective way to keep gym members from cancelling their membership is to help them continue working toward their fitness goals.

And the very best way to do that is through ongoing fitness challenges delivered right to their phone.

Spark Challenges are:

  • Flexible: Guide visitors to the attractions, viewpoints, businesses, and other locations you want them to discover. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Easy to set up & administer: Dream up a challenge and start building it right away. Make tweaks on the fly. 
  • Fully customizable: Sequential tasks? No problem. Mini-milestones? It's got that. Bonus points? C'mon. 
  • Affordable: Avoid months of sales pitches and needing 4 levels of approval

Features & Functionality

  • Points: Track progress and incentivize specific tasks using points
  • Achievements: Celebrate progress along the way with in-app digital badges
  • Rewards: Let participants redeem their earned points for actual real-life rewards with the Rewards Store
  • Geofencing: Set geographic boundaries at the Challenge or Task level. Not in the right location? Can't mark it done!
  • Checkmark Milestones: Track progress on multi-step tasks easily with integrated checklists
  • Cumulative Milestones: Track cumulative progress on the way to a big accomplishment
  • Bonus Points: Award extra points for someone who goes above and beyond the required Task.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Set up as many Challenges as you want. Want one for the whole company and one just for the Sales team? Do it.
  • Unlimited Tasks: Each challenge can be as short or long as you want.
  • Start & End Dates: Set optional start & end dates at the Challenge level or on individual Tasks within the Challenge
  • Embedded Media: Embed images, videos, links, and more right inside each Task

Sample Challenges

30-day cardio Challenge

7-minute Workout

90 Days with Dumbbells

Macros 101

Weightlifting at home

Sample Tasks

Focus on Hydration

400 pts

Being 1% dehydrated can significantly slow your cognitive function. Keep a glass of water at your desk today. Every time you finish it, mark it off to see your progress.

Bike Distance Baseline

100 pts

Grab a bottle of water, Jump on your bike, and see how far you can go in 15 minutes. 

48-hours without Sugar

100 pts

You've gotten used to sugar in most of your food. For the next 48 hours we're going to reset your palette. Get a craving? Try one of these instead...

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