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Employee Challenges & Scavenger Hunts

Care about your team's health? Show them.

Conduct challenges & scavenger hunts affordably without complex integrations or long sales cycles

Spark Challenges are:

  • Affordable: Avoid months of sales pitches and needing 4 levels of approval.
  • Flexible: Conduct challenges around fitness, nutrition, personal finance, gardening, running, etc. Let your imagination run wild!
  • Easy to set up & administer: Dream up a challenge and start building it right away. Make tweaks on the fly. 
  • Fully customizable: Sequential tasks? No problem. Mini-milestones? It's got that. Bonus points? C'mon. 

Features & Functionality

  • Points: Track progress in the Challenge with points
  • Achievements: Celebrate progress along the way with in-app digital badges
  • Rewards: Let participants redeem their earned points for actual real-life rewards with the Rewards Store
  • Geofencing: Set geographic boundaries at the Challenge or Task level. Not in the right location? Can't mark it done!
  • Checkmark Milestones: Track progress on multi-step tasks easily with integrated checklists
  • Cumulative Milestones: Track cumulative progress on the way to a big accomplishment
  • Bonus Points: Award extra points for someone who goes above and beyond the required Task.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Set up as many Challenges as you want. Want one for the whole company and one just for the Sales team? Do it.
  • Unlimited Tasks: Each challenge can be as short or long as you want.
  • Start & End Dates: Set optional start & end dates at the Challenge level or on individual Tasks within the Challenge
  • Embedded Media: Embed images, videos, links, and more right inside each Task

Sample Challenges

2021 Fitness Challenge

New Employee Scavenger Hunt

Meditation Training

No Sugar Challenge

Yoga for Beginners

Sample Tasks

Walk 5 mi. this week

200 pts

Your mind will be clearer if you get your blood pumping. Each time you go for a walk add your mileage here.

Drink 8 glasses of water today

24 pts

Being 1% dehydrated can significantly slow your cognitive functions. Keep a glass of water at your desk today. Every time you drink it, mark it off to see your progress.

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