Club 71 becomes Spark+

Author: Holland Newton


When we first started developing Spark+ our internal project codename was “Club 71”.

The reason behind the name was simple: There would be 52 weekly, 12 monthly, 4 quarterly, 2 semi-annual and 1 annual challenge(s). Add that up and it equals 71.

While this name did capture what we wanted it to, it didn’t quite go to the depths that we thought it should. We were looking for something with a little more movement, a little more motivation, a little… spark.

So through all of our brainstorming sessions and strategy sessions, we realized that Spark was the right fit.

“But what about the “+”?” you say…

Well, we want to help provide the spark for whatever is important in your life, so you get to fill in the rest. Are you strictly looking for fun running challenges? Then Spark+RUN might be what you’d call it. Maybe you’re looking to just get out and be active – so Spark+MOVE might be right for you.

The “+” sign is whatever you need it to be. Perhaps it a plus sign. Or maybe a and sign. It could even stand for “for” or “add”…. It’s whatever you need to spark in your life.

About the author

Holland Newton is a Certified Personal Trainer and author of the book "The Fat Trainer". He has helped countless people improve both their physical health as well as their mental and emotional health. He lives in Draper, Utah with his wife and two sons and loves to ski.

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