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Discover the can't-miss sights in and around Zion National Park including Angel's Landing, Canyon Overlook, and Watchman's Tower. Then kick back and enjoy your evenings at some favorite local hangouts.

Megan A.

Grand Teton Explorer

The variety of activities was nice, especially having some that are doable with small children. 

I appreciate the variety of tasks and how they helped me get out and into the park. I had a great time! Thank you for adding to my incredible visit!!

Ammie J.

Yellowstone Explorer

Edell W.

Grand Teton Explorer

I really enjoyed this challenge because it got me to places I wouldn't know about otherwise.

I loved this activity. I have never been here before and am by myself. It made it easy to figure out what to do. Thank you!

Claudia T.

Grand Teton Explorer

See the very best sights

Your time is limited. Neocaching will guide you to the very best highlights of Zion National Park and teach you why those places are so important or unique.

You won't miss a single critical landmark.

Discover hidden gems

Once you've seen the can't-miss-it sights, you'll find the hidden gems that most visitors miss. The quiet spots that are quite literally off the beaten path.

There are activities for everyone including people who want to hike, bike, swim, or paddle.

Eat like a local

Find the secret hideouts where the locals eat and the tourists rarely go.

This isn't a list of every place you could possibly eat. This is the cream of the crop, the best of the best.

Keep a record of your experiences

Keep track of what you've seen and done and do your favorites again or focus on seeing new sights.

Did you see something particularly moving? Share it with your friends & family with just a couple taps.

Earn badges & unlock rewards

Earn fun in-app badges as you visit various locations in the park and get access to exclusive merchandise available only to challenge participants!